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Oil Field Equipment Supply

Taknia provides an integrated design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, inspection and testing services for packaged oil field equipment, specifically to meet our clients' needs.


Taknia Oil Field Equipment Group Offers

  • Custom Designed Equipment
  • Quality and reliability
  • Cost effective Products
  • Selective Fabrication Sourcing
  • Capable project management

All equipment designed to meet Client requirements and specifications.


Taknia Oil Field Equipment Group Offers

  • Process design
  • Multi discipline Engineering and Drafting
  • PDF & P&IDs
  • Equipment specification
  • Structural /Piping / Instrument & Electrical detailing
  • Package layout & G.A.
  • Fabrication, inspection, Testing & Shipping of the finished product

Taknia Oil Filed Equipment Group has standardised procedures for equipment design, engineering and fabrication for the following oil filed equipment:

  • Standard Well production / Test Manifolds
    • Equipped with all necessary valving and instruments and designed for class 300 rating supplied in 5 or 10 well arrangements either manually or remotely operated
  • Standard Portable Test Separations
    • Designed for three phase separation to 500 psig @ 200°F handling up to 3,000BPD of crude oil, 3,000BPD water and 10MMSCFD gas.
  • Horizontal 3 Phase Separators
    • Designed for three-phase separation for a range of operating conditions to meet client's requirements.
  • Filter separators
    • For removal of solid particles and liquid droplets from gas streams prior to compression or fuel gas system.
  • Glycol Dehydration Units
    • Removal of water vapour from gas streams using tri-ethylene glycol and regeneration of glycol to concentrations in excess of 99.7%
  • Water /Oil Bath Heaters
    • For process heating of hydrocarbon gas/liquid streams in field operation