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Quality and Inspection

In 1998 Taknia expanded its quality and procurement services and set up the Taknia Inspection Group (TIG) to provide a more specialist quality surveillance and inspection service to supplement our quality assurance service and to provide second and third party inspection services to all our clients.

TIG operates semi-autonomously within Taknia, enjoying full corporate support and access to the technical capabilities provided by our Engineering group from our head office, enabling the provision of professional and rapid technical and inspection solutions to all our clients. TIG also provides its expertise in the execution of our in-house 'EPC' contracts and the activities of our Oil Field Equipment Supply group.

The inspection group is directed from the London office by the Quality Group that has more than three decades of experience in the field of engineering, vendor surveillance/inspection and site inspection. In addition, a pool of highly qualified and experienced inspection specialists throughout Europe and the United Kingdom support this group. All inspectors are selected for their experience and location in order to provide both a fast and economic solution to the Client's requirements.

Whilst Taknia has been approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 for a number of years the inspection group was successfully assessed by our accreditation body (SGS Yarsley) and is now included under the umbrella of our current approval.


Inspection and Expediting

  • Specialised inspection and field expediting services, particularly in electronics (both hardware and software), mechanical (rotating, reciprocating and process equipment), skid mounted packages equipment and power generation/ distribution; whilst also addressing other equipment such as drill rigs, line pipe and drilling and production tubulars.
  • Established associations with other inspection bodies enabling the provision of worldwide coverage
  • Comprehensive outcome reporting (including the status of manufacture, material deliveries and foreseen problems) which is subject to full technical review by the Quality Group.
  • Follow up, by the Quality Group, of problem areas noted in the report with both the client and/or the supplier
  • Provision of specialist engineers to client vendors to participate in technical discussions and assist in the resolution of technical problems


Technical and Quality Surveillance

  • Assisting clients with vendor selection by performing a full quality, technical and capabilities assessment of vendors
  • Assessment of vendor designs for accepted engineering practice and code compliance with alternate design recommendations where required
  • Act as "Authorised Inspection Body" (AIB) for pressure vessels, providing full design and inspection services and ensuring code compliance.