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Project Managment

Projects in excess of 300,000 home office manhours have successfully been executed by Taknia, utilising proven project management systems. These systems are developed and integrated to suit the projects' needs.

Taknia is committed to:

  • Quality management
  • Keeping costs within a budget
  • Developing and adhering to schedules
  • Committing resources to safety and training



  • Engineering coordination
  • Planning, schedule monitoring and reporting
  • Preparation of project control budgets
  • Cost monitoring and change control
  • Contract administration
  • Quality assurance /quality control
  • Financial, accounting and reporting
  • Documentation Control


Project Control

  • Scheduling system providing resource planning, critical path, precedence and progress information
  • Reporting system
  • Cost control system, forecasting and reporting labour and material costs
  • Logistics
  • Interface Control


Project Organization

For major projects, a project task force is assembled to execute the work in a separate location for the duration of its assignment.

  • Keeping the objectives in focus
  • Flexible structures, depending on size and specific project requirement
  • Cohesive project team
  • Personnel continuity


Quality Management

Quality management services can be provided either as part of the project organization or separately as management consultancy.

These services are adapted utilizing a "right first time" philosophy to ensure:

  • Effective communication at all levels
  • Quality systems and parameters are effectively identified
  • Products and /or services provided are safe, reliable and compliant with specified requirements
  • Elimination of waste due to over design or non-conformities


Construction Management

Taknia only engages high calibre, experienced and qualified staff across both home office and field construction activities. The prime objective is the completion of a safe construction, within budget, to the required quality, and on time.